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Need a website?

In 2016, together with friends, I founded the non-profit organization Pageon VZW with the main goal of helping churches and Christian organizations get their needed online visibility. In 2019, the non-profit organization became a company which allows us to help other people as well. Our clients therefore consist of a combination of Christian projects and other, often commercial projects.

For our websites we usually work with Fork CMS (used all over the world and of which I am one of the main developers myself) or wordpress.

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FAA (First Aid for Administration)

Maybe you don't need a website or webshop yourself but you have a repetitive administrative task or tasks that take more time than necessary. In that case we can help you too.

When you contact us we will look together at how we can streamline the process into an application that is completely custom written to meet your needs. By using a custom application you can be sure that everything is always entered correctly through custom validation.

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When you have a website you also need to put it on a server somewhere so people can visit your site. This is also something we can help you with.

A .be can be obtained at €10 per year and hosting starts from €25 per year for 1GB of space, per extra GB we charge €5, quite a cheap solution if you ask us. Other domain extensions such as .com etc are also available on request.

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Some examples

Website ENC Gent

ENC Gent

For Every Nation Campus Ghent, we were entrusted with the task of creating a modern fresh website that perfectly suits their target audience: students.

Applicatie ARPEE


For the ARPEE we were commissioned to create an application to easily find member churches. Behind the scenes is a custom application that allows them to manage everything themselves.

Website VEG


The site where it all began years ago, thank you for your early confidence in us.

Website Add your voice today

Add your voice today

This website is used for a God's Not Dead online evangelism campaign across Europe.

Website Webshop Gills & Scales

Webshop Gills & Scales

Gills & Scales was so pleased with the webshop we created for them that they ordered another one from us.

Website Every Nation Lisboa

Every Nation Lisboa

When Elvis and Joyce left for Lisbon to establish a church there, we helped them establish an online presence in Lisboa as well.